Applying for a visa to live or stay in the UK can be a challenging and confusing process. Family visas are designed to unite relations and ensure that families can live together and provide care for each other.

What do family visas include?

Family visa types include spousal visas as well as applications for fiancé/fiancée and proposed civil partnerships. You can also apply for a UK family visa if your parent or child has UK residency. In terms of care, you may also choose to apply to live with another relative who can provide long-term care for you.

Can I use a family visa for an extension?

If you have come to the UK on the provision of another visa, you may wish to extend your stay in the UK by applying for a family visa, particularly if you have met your partner or if you choose to stay with your parents or children. If you do want to remain in the UK and have a visa that is due to expire, you must apply at least 28 days before your visa expires.

How long does a family visa application take?

The process of applying for a visa can be long, and due to the relevant checks needed, it may take a while to come to a decision. If you are currently in the UK, then the visa process will take up to eight weeks, whereas if you’re currently based outside of the UK, then it may take up to twelve weeks.

If you need a decision in a hurry, then the Government offer a same day visa decision service as a premium. For this, there is a higher fee involved.

What are the requirements of a family visa?

Specific requirements will be expected as part of your application process. If you cannot prove these items, then it doesn’t mean that your visa application will be rejected, it may just take longer to process.

Some of the requirements include;

  • A good level of English
  • Statement of personal circumstances (e.g. criminal convictions)
  • Full evidence for all of the stipulations
  • Meeting the income level required.

What do I need to include in my application?

It is essential for you to provide all of the necessary information for your visa application. Failure to include all required elements or providing inaccurate information may mean your visa is rejected or takes longer to process.

Items you need to include in your family visa application include colour passport photos, your current passport and information of any previous visa applications and explanations of any criminal convictions.

Sponsorship form

Another aspect of your application is a sponsorship form. A sponsor is someone that can ensure that the applicant can be supported when in the UK. It guarantees that a visa applicant will not have to rely on public funds for maintenance or accommodation. A requirement of this part of the application is a property inspection report, which ensures you have a safe and healthy home for your planned arrival to the UK.

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