As part of your immigration and visa application, the UK Border Agency (UKBA) may require you to complete and submit a property inspection report on the home that you plan to move to should your visa application be granted.

The property inspection report must be conducted by a professional body who are qualified to survey homes and can provide detailed inspections in accordance with the UK Border Agency and the regulations set out in the Housing Act.

You can find out how best to prepare for a property inspection by reading our blog post here. However, once you have instructed a property inspection and prepared your information and home for the inspection, what happens next?

The inspection

Once you have booked in a property inspection, a qualified Healthy Abode surveyor will come to assess the property. Our team of surveyors are experts at immigration accommodation and overcrowding reports. You’ll usually be contacted before the visit, to make sure that there is someone at home. Once our surveyor arrives, they will begin by making notes on the exterior of the property, such as your access to the property and whether you have any benefits such as a driveway.

We will then introduce ourselves to you and explain exactly what we are doing to put your mind entirely at ease. We can discuss any parts of the process that you are unsure about. At this stage, we will confirm the information you’ve provided us, such as the names of applicants and sponsors and residents of the property.

We will then inspect and make notes on every room in the home. Once we have completed our inspection, we will then take the time to discuss our findings with you, so you know instantly whether we believe the home is adequate and will meet UK Border Agency standards.

After the inspection

Once your inspection is complete, we will head back to our office to draw up an official report for you. At Healthy Abode, we pride ourselves on the fact that we offer a fast track 24-hour service. Meaning you have the report much quicker than average, with the report being issued and sent via email (or post if you prefer) within 24 hours of the property inspection. Our fast track service works in all of the areas we operate in such as Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, London and Cornwall.

We ensure that our inspection reports and overcrowding assessments meet the UK Border Agency standards, so you can be sure that the report will be accepted.

Once you receive your report, you must carefully read through our findings to ensure there are no mistakes or missed information. All names must be spelt correctly, and dates should be exact. If we have made an error in our report, get in touch, and we will rectify the report immediately.

Once you are happy with the report, this can be sent as part of your visa application alongside any other information that the UK Border Agency requires.

If you would like more information or to book your inspection, get in touch with our team by calling 0203 371 9801