For many UK visas, visa stipulations require a property inspection report for their home in the UK. An accommodation and overcrowding report needs to be conducted by a qualified professional to state whether or not your chosen accommodation meets the requirements set forward by the Housing Act. The property inspection report is designed for your safety in mind. To issue a visa, the UK Border Agency (UKBA) want to be sure that you will have safe and suitable accommodation and that overcrowding of the property will not occur for the welfare of you and others.

A property inspection may feel daunting, however, there are some top tips to make the property inspection report, also known as an overcrowding report, easy and stress-free.

Three top tips to prepare for a property inspection

  1. Plan ahead

Before you book a property inspection report, make sure you have all the appropriate paperwork ready in advance. When scheduling an inspection report, you will need to have the following details to hand;

  • The full names and date of birth for everyone who lives or will be living at the property.
  • Name and date of birth of the applicant and their relationship to the sponsor.
  • The address of the property and the ownership status.
  • What visa application you are making.

Once you have all the necessary detail, it is time to arrange your immigration property inspection. Call Healthy Abode on 0203 371 9801, and we can swiftly arrange your property inspection in Essex, London, Suffolk, Hertfordshire, Middlesex, Berkshire, Bedfordshire and Devon and Cornwall.

  1. Prepare the occupants

Once you have arranged the inspection report, make sure to tell the occupants of the property when it will take place. Occupants may feel stressed or worried by an inspector visiting, so it is important to prepare them, so they don’t feel nervous.

If you have rented accommodation, you could let your landlord know about the immigration accommodation report out of courtesy. A rented accommodation will need an up to date gas safety certificate, so speak to your landlord if you do not have an up to date copy.

  1. Make sure your home will pass a property inspection report

As well as checking for overcrowding, the property inspectors will be looking for Category 1 hazards in the house in accordance with the Housing, Health and Safety Rating system following from the Housing Act 2004.

Some simple checks to the home to make sure your home is at a suitable standard include;

  1. Is the property excessively hot or cold?
  2. Is the water supply safe, does the home have proper sanitation and drainage for personal hygiene requirements?
  3. Are the gas and electricity in the house safe?
  4. Are the stairs in safe condition? Is there evidence of broken glass, for example, in the windows?
  5. Is there a problem with vermin such as rats or cockroaches?

If you notice any problems with the above checks, then it is essential to rectify the issues before the property inspection so that your home has a better chance of passing the inspection.

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